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Confederate Reckoning: Lecture, Q&A, and Book Signing

Stephanie McCurry Ph.D. is a specialist in Nineteenth Century American history, with a focus on the American South and the Civil War era, and the history of women and gender.
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Lecture, Q&A, and Book Signing
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Long Beach Public Library – Main Auditorium
101 Pacific Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90822
(562) 570-7500


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The story of the Confederate States of America, the proslavery, antidemocratic nation created by white Southern slaveholders to protect their property, has been told many times in heroic and martial narratives. Now, however, Stephanie McCurry Ph.D. tells a very different tale of the Confederate experience. When the grandiosity of Southerners’ national ambitions met the harsh realities of wartime crises, unintended consequences ensued. Although Southern statesmen and generals had built the most powerful slave regime in the Western world, they had excluded the majority of their own people—white women and slaves—and thereby sowed the seeds of their demise.

Finalist, 2011 Pulitzer Prize for History
2011 Frederick Douglass Book Prize, Yale University’s Gilder Lehrman Center
2011 Avery O. Craven Award, Organization of American Historians
Co-winner, 2011 Merle Curti Award, Organization of American Historians
2011 Will Lee Rose Prize, Southern Association for Women Historians

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