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Watch video of Soprano Hope Foye performance at St Anthony

MusicUNTOLD presented screening of the Mexican film ANGELITOS NEGROS followed by live performance of title song by 91.5 year young Paul Robeson protege soprano Hope Foye.

See English translation and video

“Little Black Angels
Painter, born in my land
with a foreign brush in your hand,
Following in the footsteps,
of all the artists who came before.
Though the Virgin may be white,
paint me some little black angels,
for they go to heaven, too
as all good black people do.
Painter of art, if you paint with any heart,
Why do you despise this color?
Knowing well that in heaven,
God loves them, too.
Painter of alcoves of saints
if you have a soul in your body,
why is it that when you paint
you always foreget the black ones?
Whenever you paint churches,
you fill them with beautiful angels,
but you never remember,
to paint a black angel.”

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