Library Fundraiser: Long Beach PressTelegram coverage

by Shirley Wild
Posted: 02/01/2010 04:43:28 PM PST

Library fundraiser

On Oct. 25 the Long Beach Central Area Association Library held a fundraiser “MULATTO Series,” at the Found Theatre. Before the performance, the Long Beach Central Area Association presented Director of Library Services, Glenda Williams, a check for $1,000. President John Malveaux said, “I realize the fundraiser will not make a financial impact, but it demonstrates that the community can play a part to financially support our Libraries.”

Supporting the event, front row and center, were two former and current directors of Library Services Cardelia Howard, Eleanor Schmidt, and Glenda Williams.

A near capacity audience attentively watched Juliette Fairley perform 15 different roles in her one woman-two races show. Mulatto’s Dilemma chronicles the adventures of a bi-racial woman living in the 1920’s and her indecision whether to marry a black man or white man. The Making of a Mulatto present issues relevant to interracial marriages and their children by juxtaposing the Jim Crow South in American with the Nazi regime in France.

Juliette’s mother is white and her father is African American. She wrote the two shows to give audience members a peek into how having parents of different races influences an adult psychology and perspective on the world. “Many bi-racial people are caught in between two worlds, tormented by allegiances to both the black community and the larger white society. My show explores these issues,” said Miss Fairley.

A Q&A followed the performance. Miss Fairley did not want anyone to leave without processing the often harsh material.

Seen at the Scene: Mini Douglas, Darcy Richardson, Greg Mellen, Autrilla Scott, Cecile Harris-Walters, Sabrina Sanders, Mr. & Mrs. Trace Fukahara, Keri Nielson, Danyel Johnson, John Calloway, Jeanetta McAlpin, Catherine St. Julian, Mary Randolph, Betty Johnson, Brenda Gertman, Patricia Jolivet, Steve Guillory, Blanche Spires, Jeanetta Wolfe, Liza Mitchell, Tanya King-Moore, Denise Turner-Harris, Marilyn Evans, Mary Lewis, Carolyn Clemons, Shelia Phillips , Felicia Divinity, Yorel Gertman, Brenda Lee Hawkins-Gertman, Dennis Freeman, and Gwen Powell.

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