FOR LOVE OF LIBERTY: Stories of Black Patriots In The Civil War

If prevalent and accepted accounts of American History – both scholarly and those portrayed by Hollywood – are to be believed, the face of the Union Army was white. The truth is, though most were not recognized as citizens or even free man, more than 200,000 African Americans took up arms in the Civil War. Yet most accounts of their valiant actions are absent from history books and contemporary film.
For Love of Liberty: Stories of Black Patriots In the Civil War finally, and for the first time, sets the record straight.

Where: Ernest McBride Park & Cal Rec Community Center, 1550 MLK Jr. Ave., Long Beach, Ca. 90813

When: 3:30 PM Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who: Presented by and NAACP Long Beach Chapter in tribute to Veterans Day and 150th anniversary of Civil War. Writer, director, producer Frank Martin will discuss making of documentary and answer questions.

Click here to download the event flyer.

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