June 10, 2014
‘Juneteenth is not when the word got to Texas. It is when African descent soldiers brought Texas back into the Union and thus freed slaves by saving the Union.’

John Malveaux accepted an invitation from James Drake, President, Boeing Black Employees Association Long Beach, Ca. to be a guest speaker during a Juneteenth event at Boeing on June 17, 2014. Malveaux will share the UNTOLD story of Juneteeth he learned on a visit to the African American Civil War Memorial & Museum in Washington DC.  John Malveaux is a descent of John Malveaux, a Negro soldier in the Civil War. Please see attachment for UNTOLD story of Juneteenth.


DECEMBER 21, 2013
Long Beach, California NAACP Branch and MusicUNTOLD support and recommend Composer, Pianist, Educator George Walker for 2014 Spingarn Medal

Long Beach, California NAACP Branch and MusicUNTOLD support and recommend other NAACP Branches nominate Composer, Pianist, Educator George Walker for the 2014 Spingarn Medal. George Walker is the foremost living and working classical composer in the United States.
The 99th Spingarn Award nomination deadline is 12/31/13
George Walker website:

DECEMBER 20, 2013
Denyce Graves will host Christmas at Belmont television special Dec. 20th. See Denyce Graves headlined 2011 JUNETEENTH WorldWide Concert, Long Beach Performing Arts Center produced by MusicUNTOLD

DECEMBER 20, 2013
Zanaida Robles sings a solo during Los Angeles Master Chorale performance of Handel’s Messiah Sing Along at Disney Concert Hall, Dec. 11, 2013

Choral Director, Educator, and Vocalist Zanaida Robles is singing a solo during Los Angeles Master Chorale performance of Handel’s Messiah Sing Along at Disney Concert Hall, Dec. 11, 2013.

DECEMBER 19, 2013
MusicUNTOLD is looking forward to what it hopes will be a 2014 release of the film ‘Sonata Mulattica’

The Movie Sonata Mulattica did not accomplish a 2013 release date but MusicUNTOLD is looking forward to what it hopes will be a 2014 release. See

Fetzer Institute
Published on Sep 7, 2012
Classical music’s power as a catalyst for love and forgiveness plays a starring role in the upcoming documentary film Sonata Mulattica, produced by Spark Media with support from the Fetzer Institute. The film weaves the stories and contrasting fortunes of two gifted musicians of African heritage, one contemporary and one historical.Along with contemporary violinist Joshua Coyne, the film examines the obscure legacy of George Polgreen Bridgetower, a 19th century violin prodigy revived for history by former U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove. Coyne, severely abused as a toddler and adopted by a loving mother, discovers his gift for classical music; Bridgetower, a virtuoso violinist, rose from obscurity to a brief run of European fame in the 18th century.
[George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower (1780-1860) is profiled at, which features a biography and Works List for Bridgetower by Dr. Dominique-René de Lerma,]

DECEMBER 19, 2013
For their 2012/13 season the National Symphony created a series of concerts for young people entitled ‘Summon The Heroes’

For their 2012/13 season the National Symphony  created a series of concerts for young people entitled ‘Summon The Heroes’. Youngsters from many schools in Washington, DC were bussed in to the Kennedy Center to hear these live performances. Literature was distributed to the schools with a Guide for Teachers and information about the orchestra for students. A cd of music was made for distribution.

The cd contains music by John Williams, Beethoven, Copland, Elgar, and George Walker.
Sixteen performances of the George Walker’s ‘Lyric for Strings’ were given in a period of two months by the National Symphony.
This was an unprecedented effort by the National Symphony to encourage youngsters to listen to and appreciate classical orchestral music. See

DECEMBER 16, 2013
Flora Coquerel, Whose Mother is from West African Country of Benin, is Crowned Miss France

John Malveaux of sends this quote from Elle Magazine:
Elle Magazine

Explaining the Racist Response to the New Miss France
December 10 4:00 PM
Alice Pfeiffer   Culture News
“I’m proud to represent a multicultural France,” gushed Flora Coquerel last Saturday as she accepted the title of Miss France 2014. Unfortunately, some of her countrymen did not feel the same kind of egalitarian pride.
Within minutes, social media was drowned in comments: Miss France set Twitter on fire with over 1.1 million tweets that night, according to TF1, Gala, and Le Télégramme. And a portion of those comments were horrifying…”

The Times of London said:
Flora Coquerel, who was crowned Miss France this weekend amid an upsurge in racism that tainted the contest, said she was “very proud to represent a cosmopolitan France”.

Miss Coquerel, 19, whose mother is from Benin, in west Africa, beat 33 other contestants in a competition watched on television by 8.2 million people, making it the most popular programme on Saturday evening.

See Afro Europe international blog for other recent Queens

DECEMBER 15, 2013
With Mandela’s image banned during his time in prison on Robben Island…freedom songs became an important part of spreading his message.

With Mandela’s image banned during his time in prison on Robben Island and the government determined to stamp out all mentions of him, freedom songs became an important part of spreading his message. His name was kept alive especially through music. Mandela once said “Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate us and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice. Such is the value of music.”

DECEMBER 1, 2013
George Walker interview playlist on KUSC Classical Radio 91.5 on Thursday, December 5, 2013

George Walker has a website at and is featured at
Jim Svejda, The Evening Program, interview of Composer George Walker on KUSC Classical Radio 91.5 on Thursday, December 5, 1013 included the following playlist:
8:51 pm
George Walker: Lyric for Strings
Son Sonora String Quartet
Albany 1082

8:58 pm
George Walker: Sinfonia No. 4 “Strands”
Sinfonia Varsovia / Ian Hobson
Albany 1430

9:15 pm
George Walker: Lilacs
Sinfonia Varsovia / Ian Hobson
Albert Lee, tenor
Albany 1430

9:35 pm
George Walker: Antifonys
Sinfonia Varsovia / Ian Hobson
Albany 1430

9:48 pm
George Walker: Psalm 117; Psalm 96
Morgan State College Choir / Nathan Carter
Albany 1447

10:00 pm
George Walker: Movements for Cello and Orchestra
Sinfonia du Camera / Ian Hobson
Dmitry Kousov, cello
Albany 1430

NOVEMBER 30, 2013
Composer Nkeiru Okoye selected MusicUNTOLD for production and promotional rights to the two-act theatrical opera HARRIET TUBMAN: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom in the Los Angeles metropolitan market. MusicUNTOLD is affiliated with Edna Hammett Porter Chapter of National Association of Negro Musicians in Los Angeles.

The 2014 National Association of Negro Musicians National Convention is scheduled for Los Angeles on July 20-24. MusicUNTOLD will target July 20-24, 2014 for a reading and staging of scenes from HARRIET TUBMAN: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom. The opera is written for 5 lead roles (soprano, soubrette, contralto, tenor, bass-baritone) and will include chorus/supporting roles.

NOVEMBER 16, 2012
Joseph Douglass (1871-1935), ‘grandson of Frederick Douglass became a noted concert artist who toured the USA and Europe’

Joseph Douglass (1871-1935)

While his grandfather and father were amateur violinists, this grandson of Frederick Douglass became a noted concert artist who toured the USA and Europe for three decades. In 1914 he became the first violinist ever to record for Victor Talking Machine Company, however those recordings were never released.

Please see partial list (string players of African descent)

String players of African descent and others have the extraordinary challenge of learning standard repertoire which is a full time job and still find time to learn additional music not taught in the standard curriculum. During the 150th Anniversary Emancipation Proclamation Concert produced by MusicUNTOLD and KUSC Classical Radio, Violinist Sanford Allen, Violist Nokuthula Ngwenyama, and Violinist Annelle Gregory performed compositions by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, and William Grant Still respectively. Additionally, Allen and Ngwenyama played a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart duo. Their performances were recorded and will be heard on a forthcoming KUSC Classical Radio 91.5 FM broadcast and 5-7 days on-demand.

JUNE 22, 2013
Black Music Month

John Malveaux, MusicUNTOLD CEO and Executive Director, has published an article in the June 2013 publication of Our Weekly Magazine.  Check out the article below!

Our Weekly: ‘Blacks roots run deep in European music’
John Malveaux, OW Contributor, June 20, 2013
June is generally recognized as Black Music Month, but as one noted executive believed it would be more accurately proclaimed “Blacks in All Music Month.” Music basically consists of three main types: folk, popular and classical. Most African Americans take great pride in Black Music Month. While African American history and achievements are thoroughly documented and publicized in popular and folk music, the history and achievements of African Americans in the European tradition of classical music are widely neglected and unknown.
Many African Americans incorrectly believe classical music is “White music,” and they voluntarily exclude themselves from appreciation, participation and benefits in a refined and cerebral segment of society. The contributions and achievement of people of African descent in classical music, also known as academic or art music, remains in a kind of cultural closet.

Classical music is subliminally associated with the concept of superiority. A growing body of research indicates young students regularly exposed to classical music have longer attentions spans, are more disciplined, and have better cognitive reasoning skills, especially if they learn to read music.
But ever since Chevalier de Saint Georges raised his violin to play at the court of Louis XVI in 18th-century France, the African presence has been felt in the world of classical music. Beethoven performed with Afro-European George Bridgetower in 1803 before he composed his best-known violin sonata in honor of Bridgetower. Beethoven later changed the name of the sonata to Kreutzer after a dispute with Bridgetower. However, Kreutzer never played the sonata.
Many African Americans are unaware that numerous African Americans gained domestic and international acclaim in classical music prior to the Civil War in both the North and South. In 1830, free and trained literate musicians organized a Negro Philharmonic society in New Orleans.
I recall when the first Black Music Month convention/symposium was spearheaded by major African American music executives several years before President Jimmy Carter proclaimed June as Black Music Month in 1979. President Barack Obama modified his 2013 proclamation to read African American Music Appreciation Month.